22 April 2021

The favourite addresses of Nouchka & Lino

Nouchka and Lino are two peas in a pod. The entrepreneurial couple behind Koffie en Staal has shared its favourite haunts below.

Nouchka en Lino Leuven

If we’re in need of some peace and quiet we come to the Kruidtuin.

The favourite spots of Nouchka & Lino

Nouch & Lino don’t just relax in the Kruidtuin, you’ll also find them here:

For a cosy night out with friends they go to wine bar Surlie.

Bar Stan is perfect for a quiet lunch.

Vlierbeek Abbey just outside the city centre is the perfect backdrop for a nature walk.

Smack in the centre is their favourite oasis of tranquillity: the Kruidtuin.