22 April 2021

The favourite addresses of Jones

Be sure to drop by Jones’ skate shop in Parijsstraat. Jones’ personal favourite is Fietsen King, just outside the ring road. “A radical bike shop!” 🤙 Jones also has some great tips for a relaxed cup of coffee or lunch by the water.

The favourite addresses of Jones

Jones is a legend on the local skate scene but even if you’ve never set foot on a skateboard you’re bound to recognise his very individual style. Now that he’s torn the cruciate ligaments in his knee in a skating accident, he’s been forced to trade in his board for a wheelchair but that doesn’t stop him wheeling over to his favourite addresses from time to time.

Fietsen King is truly one of my favourite places to go to. People with a passion for cycling in a super cool shop.

The favourite addresses of Jones

But Jones has other favourites apart from Fietsen King. You can also find him at these hotspots:

Jones buys his music at Bilbo Records in Ladeuze Square

He eats lunch at Florida, with a view of the boats in the Vaartkom

For a cup of coffee he heads over to Koffie en Staal, the coffee bar where Nouchka serves coffee and seats you on Lino’s self-made furniture

At Fietsen King they’re just as passionate about cycling as he is about skate and snow stuff