22 April 2021

The favourite addresses of Emeraude

Emeraude is the driving force behind BURn Leuven, the epicentre of the city’s breakdance scene. In addition she also organises the Africa Film Festival. Some locals also know her under her stage name: Emee.

The favourite addresses of Emeraude

Bar Afrique is the only place in Leuven where I can enjoy the Congolese or Nigerian kitchen. Delicious!

The favourite addresses of Emeraude

Where to go? Just ask Emee.

Emeraude’s break sessions take place in the Romaanse poort.

For quality cinema she goes to Cinema Zed.

The Afrika Filmfestival she organises is also housed there.

Still hungry after a generous helping of culture? You’ll find Emeraude at Bar Afrique, with a menu of Congolese and Nigerian specialities.